Some examples of our previous projects.

Vintage stained glass panels

Bespoke trapezoid frame in solid oak.

3D Objects

Corpus Christi, Medals, Death mask and an abstract piece painted on to an old drawer front, some examples of 3D work.

The DADA inspired piece was created using a vintage christ corpus. A gold cut-vinyl transfer was adhered onto a black mount board back and framed with a high quality ornate gilt frame. The piece was then glazed with non reflective glass and the object was adhered to the glass.

The Death Mask is of a celebrated literary figure. It was adhered onto a bespoke cut, canvas covered board, box framed in solid oak with a hand waxed finish.

The medals are double mounted with a hidden slip in a solid oak frame with a hand waxed finish.

The drawer front is an abstract painting in acrylic and is adhered onto canvas covered bespoke cut board and box framed in hand stained black ash.

Museum style framing

Straight lines, simplicity, where less is more.

Oversized work

This original drawing is 1500mm long. Framed in deep section solid ash, hand limed and reinforced with a hardwood subframe at the back.

Life size original linocut

Framed using 4.4 laminate glass (UV protected), hand stained solid ash moulding, reinforced with a hardwood subframe for extra support.

Original ink illustration

Found at a car boot sale and purchased for £1. This illustration is by Eric Fraser, famed for his work with the Radio Times. Professionally reframed in hand stained solid ash, with UV glass.

Encaustic tile from the Palace of Westminster

This object was 35mm thick and had to be viewed from both sides. The solution was a solid oak custom, double glazed, double mounted bespoke frame.

Deep box framing

Rosettes framed with photographs for a special presentation. This method works for boxing gloves and other 3d objects.


Framed using UV museum acrylic for Bradford Museums. Deep box frame with hanging textile object.

Original wedding photograph

Framed using UV glass in a deep box frame, displaying the boutonnières worn on the day.

If you have something you would like to have framed, please get in touch.